Monday, March 20, 2017

What to get at drive-thrus (Fast Food) While on weight watchers

The great thing about weight watchers is you are still open to eating what you want. Just portion size it to get the amt of points you wish. You should choose to eat healthier though. So don't plan your whole day around cereal and added sugar cupcakes (YUM) lol. 
Some days I understand we don't have time to cook. Or just something happens where you need to get your food at a FAST food place..well, because it's FAST! Haha. So I shared a video of what I eat in a day based only on fast food! If you want to see more please let me know! 

Details and Points will be in the video below. How good does this food look though!?
Thanks for checking out this post with your EYEBALLS!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Me Time!

When the kids are in bed that is usually my time to have ME TIME! Long hot showers or hot bubble bubble baths using luxurious bubble bath foams or bath bombs. Awww sounds nice right? Well, I share with you what I do when I want to pamper myself if I am not DEAD TIRED and want to just pass out with my makeup on and the clothes I wore all day (IT HAPPENS..MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK). I share with you in this video the products I have been using in the bath and after the bath on my skin and such. Enjoy!! 

Clarins cooling gel feels phenomenal on the skin! I like to keep my stored in the refrigerator. You can but it HERE

When you watch my video you will hear me gush about this product! It smells amazing and feels amazing the same time. I think every single person out there should own this
... You can find it HERE

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Still "Weight Watchin"

I gave myself a huge smile and a pat on the back before sitting down to write this post. Why? Well, I am still doing weight watchers and still losing weight but most importantly living a healthier lifestyle than what I was doing before. I am still eating what I want here and there but keeping track. Keeping Track is what is most important. Some days I don't count the points but mentally I know what is okay for me to eat and what I should just take a nibble of HAHA. Anyways, I have noticed my channel (youtube channel) has been mostly dedicated to WW ! Crazy right? It was always makeup, hauls, and fashion but I am obviously obsessed with how much happier I am with this new lifestyle and who loves sharing happiness!?!ME!!! So I have been enjoying my channel a lot more. Don't get me wrong I am still loving makeup and all that stuff and those will pop in here and there! So if you are not subscribed to my youtube channel make sure you do that! Link is HERE .  
I have new videos up right now. What I ate today and food hauls with the smart points.

Newest Video is right here :) 

Also here is another self promotion LOL but my Weight loss journey IG account has been my main instagram account lately. love it! So you know....if you can follow haha.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Weight Watchers Food Diary #3 ( I DIDN'T REACH MY DAILY POINTS )

I have another WHAT I ATE TODAY video up! Weight watchers status.
This particular day I show you going under your daily smart points...which is not recommended but it happens. Hope the video can give you snack or meal ideas though.

More below in the video!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cherry and Goat Cheese- Stuffed Pork Tenderloin (Home Chef)

Imagine not having to stand in long lines at a grocery store..or even having to go hoping they have all the ingredients to make a delish dinner?! Guess what!?! You won't have too! You can get all the ingredients sent to your door to make a yummy meal for you and your fam!  What's good about this is you can modify the amt of seasonings, butter..etc as well :) Good for if you are watching your calories! Or just portion size (what I do) . So HOME CHEF  delivers the ingredients to your door along with a cookbook! Oh yeaaah! My husband and I cooked the first meal together which was Cherry and Goat Cheese- Stuffed Pork Tenderloin! YUM! It was soooo good! Here a close up of the recipe for you and the pictures! I also have a video down below of course sharing this meal along with my weight watchers meals throughout the day :) OH and of course I have a code for you! Want to save $30?! Use Code: Cristeen30  and click HERE  to check out for yourself

For the Recipe:
In your box you get the following:
1 fl.oz Liquid egg
10 oz. Carrot
2 oz. Baby spinach
4 Russet potatos
4 fl. oz milk
.9 oz butter
1 oz dried cherries
1 oz goat cheese crumbles
1 Butchers Twine
1 pork tenderloin
1/2 oz honey
3 thyme sprigs

What you need from your kitchen:
Olive oil
cooking spray
baking sheet
casserole dish
med pot
med. non stick pan
mixing bowl

Let's begin: 

Step by step again (below) 

Ta Da!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

First Time Getting Eyelash Extensions!

I did it! I didn't think I ever would but I did. I got Eyelash Extensions! So do I regret it? Absolutely...NOT! I love them! I can wear eyeshadow and eyeliner if I want but since getting these lashes I have been choosing not to and it makes life so much easier in the makeup part of life haha. So of course I made a video about it which will be down below so if you guys are interested be sure to watch it! It's a fun video btw! :)  Huge thanks to my friend Amanda for introducing me to this whole other world. I will have her info below and it's on the video as well!
Getting them done was actually really relaxing! They are individual lash extensions as well. You can call to set up an appointment with Amanda at 909 367-9810 Located in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
All finished! 
So above are pictures of me before lash extensions. One on the left is No makeup (obviously) and right is with makeup and just mascara. 
After eyelash extensions! I had No eyeshadow or eyeliner on! AMAZING RIGHT?!

A more natural look with the eyelash extensions. I just did my brows put on some foundation with highlighter and lipgloss and out the door! I could have brushed the lashes but I was in a rush but look at how cool that is! I didn't need to grab mascara , eyeliner, or eyeshadow! ahh! 
Amanda has been doing this for years and I highly suggest you go to her! Follow both her IG's
Click HERE to be directed to her Instagram.

Now video time for all the info you want to hear :)

xx Cristeen

Friday, December 16, 2016

Favorite product of the week!

Highlight. Oh yes. That seems to be the MUST DO when applying makeup and personally I love it! I love having that shimmer and glow on my cheek bone, cupids bow and tip of my nose. (lightly on the nose though haha ). So recently Tarte cosmetics sent me the Skin twinkle lighting palette vol. || ! It's a highlighting and strobing palette that has 4 shades. 4 beautiful shades in a rose gold, champagne, pearl and white gold! I am so happy with this palette and love the glow it gives me. Lately I have been told that I am glowing and I give this palette some of the credit for that! You can find this palette on Tarte's website now or it will be coming soon to Sephora retailing for $42 which is a good price considering you get 4 beautiful colors to play with to highlight that beautiful face of yours! 
I have a video where I get ready and share what it looks like as well which will be posted at the bottom of this post!  (OH and I think this would be a perfect gift for someone!! )

The packaging is ON POINT! 

Applying it with a fan brush

Oh la la

Before and After

Do you want one or plan on gifting one? 

xx Cristeen

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