Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sun Down In Downtown!

I live pretty close to the Mission Inn located in Downtown Riverside and I absolutely love that place. The scenery is beautiful. It's a historic hotel & spa that I am pretty sure you all would love if you stayed there! Anyways, One day I will get pictures of the actual hotel but let's make today just an outfit of the day post. I went pretty casual because the original plan was for me to take pictures of my friend Ramona but the sky was giving the most beautiful lighting when the sun was going down and I wanted in on it ;) Thanks for the pics Ramona Outfit deets will be listed below! 

. Top- Dillards
. Jeans- H&M
. Shoes- Vans
. Backpack - Justfab

xx Cristeen

Thursday, July 6, 2017


ALOHA! Who got their June Popsugar must have box?! WOW! This was a fun box to open! I can tell you that! Cookies, starbucks, a hat..and more! I was so excited when I was taking everything out one by one and all I kept saying out loud was "AHH YES!"  haha except for the straws..I have a weird thing about paper straws..I feel like they make my mouth feel weird and ruin my drink so I set those aside for a fourth of July party we had and the kids didn't seem to mind them :) Anyways, let me show you some pictures of my oh so lovely June Popsugar Must Have Box  ! 


I don't usually use cuticle oils but have heard of the benefits and this one is called Mermaid Tears so I am all for it!
I was really happy to see a book in my box because I have been wanting to read a new book lately especially outside while my kids have fun in the sun! I googled reviews on this book and it seemed to do very well! If you want to know what I think in a book review post after I finish let me know :)

You got me at MERMAID! haha. I have never tried sea salt hair spray in my hair before so I am pretty pumped to try it out for the first time especially in a bottle labeled Mermaid! ;)

1. I love hats
2. Billabong is a brand I have always loved
3. The color of the hat made me happy.

At first I was like "ohhh not another cosmetic bag" Until I read it was water proof then BAM! I was smiling and saying AHHH YEAHHHHH! Super cute with the palm trees right?!

The starbucks Frappuccino was obviously amazing to have in the box and so were these cookies! Never heard of this brand before and now I am officially obsessed! They taste like cinnamon graham crackers in a way. The fact that they are shaped like mustaches make them even better! My kids had most of them and I am already craving more so I need to add them on my snack list! Pronto!

I mean....he REALLY loved them :)
Well, That is all for this blog post! If you are interested in getting a Popsugar Must have box for yourself click HERE  and use the code SHOP5 for $5 off your first box!

Thanks POPSUGAR for providing me with this must have box to try out :) 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

What's In My BoxyCharm This Month!?

I have this month's boxycharm box to share with you! I have been a huge fan of boxycharm for quite some time now and decided to start sharing with you guys monthly on here and sometimes on my youtube channel! What do you think? 
So a little about BOXYCHARM before I share the wonderful pictures. It is a subscription box service  that is $21 a month. You get 5-6 beauty products that can be for nails, hair, fragrance, skincare , and makeup. Some of these will be full size! June's box is worth $114!! See for yourself what you can get below and check out their page to see past boxes. Give it a try ;)  click HERE

I have always loved a facial mask so I am really excited to try these out (pack of 3)  I never personally tried this brand but willing to try! Skincare has been huge for me lately!

I love me some Luxie brushes! I think all of their brushes are supers soft and the bristles stay on for a good amount of time. So I was pretty stoked to get this tapered one in my box to apply the beautiful diamond glow powder by artist couture (pictured below) 

If you got a June box you got this in either illuminati or  Conceited. I got Conceited.

The REALHER shadow palette. You will either receive will receive version I, II, or III. I got III and the colors are personally my cup of tea. Some of the shades are pretty pigmented except for flawless and incomparable (those took awhile to get the shade that I wanted) Impeccable has become a favorite of mine. I am actually wearing it today and loving it.

Well, That is it! Pretty awesome stuff right? This box was a good one in my opinion! 
Cristeen Olley

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To Get An INSTANT TAN! | Leg Makeup | DEMO



Your read that correctly! I only use 4 products to create flawless airbrushed legs with a perfect tan glow. Watch the video below to see how do that! Have you tried any of the products out?

Monday, May 15, 2017

At home Sushi!

AHHHH! I found the perfect tool to make one of my favorites..SUSHI! 
Do you see how perfect our sushi came out! This was the first time ever using the kit! We made these with imitation crab, calrose rice, cucumber, avocado, sesame seeds, seaweed sheets and of course siracha and soy sauce to dip. (I share how we make it on my video which will be linked at the end of this post) 

This came from amazon and is listed at $11.95! Amazing price right!!? You can get it HERE

You can also check out how we made it using the tool in this video which is posted on my youtube channel HERE

How I lost 30 lbs! | Before and Afters

Heeeeey!! Welcome back to another blog post! I am thrilled to share this video with you on here. I honestly never thought I would have a weight loss success story because of all the times I failed! I guess I just wasn't fully motivated and not ready....IT HAPPENS! Now I can say "I AM DOING IT!" & let you know that YOU CAN DO IT! Hope you enjoy this video of my weight loss journey!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Weight Watchers Food Diary!

Hello! Want to know what I ate today using my weight watchers smartpoints? Video below will show you! 

xx Cristeen

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I love Food and Weight Watchers !

Never in a million years I would have thought this blog would have more food post than beauty and fashion post haha. This is definitely my passion right now! Don't get me wrong...everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle are still favorites but this excitement of me finally losing weight after all these "lose weight fast diets" or "start monday" thoughts to myself is a HUGE Accomplishment for me and it's FUN! Yes, it's FUN! I am not bored of it at all. If you are new here I am currently doing weight watchers and I love every single thing about it. I feel healthier. I have a lot of energy and I fit in my favorite jeans again! I slowly transitioned my youtube channel to chit chats and what I eat videos on weight loss as well. Check it out if you haven't HERE 
Anyways, you probably have heard this before but I never thought I would have a success story on weight loss or even be an inspiration to some and I get comments every single day saying I inspire some of you and that just makes my heart full and keeps me motivated! THANK YOU! 
I can ramble for days about this but it's late at night and I have to be up early. Hope you don't mind these random post. I feel like you are right in front of me and we are just having BFF talk LOL. 
Oh and if you came here because you want to lose weight or somewhere along those lines..Here is my first bit of advice: START NOW! 
(Below are some of the meals/snacks I eat on ww and you can find them on my videos)

xx Cristeen Olley
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