Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Yaaaass!! POPSUGAR Must Have box is extra special this month! Why is it so special you ask? They turn 5 this month! HAPPY  BIRTHDAY! This month features some of Lisa's favorite brand obsessions to celebrate POPSUGARS Must Have's Birthday! WOOT!  (Pssst.  Popsugar Must Have  will be having  giveaways this whole rest of the month of August and if you are a current subscriber, and those who sign up in august qualify to win from these giveaways so get on it! )You can sign up for PSMH box HERE it retails for $39.95 a month and you can use code "PARTY"  (expires 8/31) to get  $10 off your first box!

 So let's see what's in my box! Ready?! DUN DUN DUN
Oh la la!

Soooo as you can see I got a treat! The Goodie Girl Cookies were absolutely delicious and he had them with style haha. In the popsugar box we got a tray that measures This tray measures 12″L x 8.63″W x 1.5″H and as you can see it says "cheers" I love it. I can see it being used so many times in our household. I had to put the cookies on the tray and of course we had to celebrate Popsugars Must Have's Birthday so my 5 year old and I  sang a little birthday song. 

She blew out a candle from the box of candles we got in the box. They are meri meri birthday candles and beautiful to look at. I can vision a girls night with these candles and champagne glass and...okay that will be another post LOL.

I am huge on skincare. So to see this 5 in 1 Bouncy mask from first aid beauty was a plus! This retails for $38 dollars itself. I haven't tried this out yet but will and can update you on what I think but I do own other products from First aid beauty and can tell you I have sensitive skin and no problems with their brand.

How adorable is this Dogeared friendship bracelet? I gave mine to my 5 year old because she loves jewelry and hey..she is my BFF! The bracelet retails for $34 and is very light weight and delicate.
Under the bracelet is a gift card for $25 to shop on 

I think this Fringe studio free spirit journal we got was just what I needed. It being rose gold made it even better! I was in need of a new one. My kids got hold of my last one that I would write my bible notes in and it quickly became a coloring book for them. So this one will be placed somewhere they can't reach. I just love it. On the bottom of each page it also says "Follow Your True North"
I loved this box! What do you think? 
Check it out for yourself by clicking Here 

xx Cristeen

This box was sent to me to review and all opinions are my own :)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Miracle Neck Cream!!

 I am in my thirties, mid thirty, okay..35 to be exact! I am now experiencing what they call the "W" word. Did you guess it? WRINKLES! It's part of life and we will all get it but you can prevent it from showing up earlier and you can also blur them out here and there with very high quality products.  For me I feel like it's nice for woman and men to share their secrets about their skincare routines or miracle skincare products. So for me I am going to share a miracle product for your NECK! Those neck wrinkles just BAM showed up out of nowhere and the skin look a little loose around that area so I was on the lookout for a high quality neck cream that actually worked and wasn't just that typical "moisturizer" and I found one! It worked in literally 3 days! Serious! You can see from the pictures below that they worked. The neck cream is called Vella and it's a brand from South Korea. You can find it by clicking HERE . 

I thought the packaging was pretty neat with the "Iron" to represent SMOOTHING wrinkles. Get it? 

Applying the cream was very simple. It came with a utensil that helped pick up the thick cream and apply directly on the area you desired.

Here is my neck/ chest area before applying the cream.
Note: I did apply the cream on my chest as well. 

I blended it on the area with my clean fingertips and I loved scent of the cream and the way it felt. It felt like it was instantly working.  I didn't get any bad reaction and there was no burning sensations or anything like that. The cream does have two main ingredients for wrinkles one being ADENOSINE which tightens your skin and has that effect to prevent any more wrinkles on the neck. The second main ingredient in this magical neck cream is called NIACINAMIDE. This ingredient makes your skin bright and tight and it definitely brightened my neck are which you will notice in the after picture below. Niacinamide also used for the prevention and treatment of hyperpigmentation. 

So after 3 days I took an after shot and below you can see a difference and it felt differently and I can't wait to see the results in weeks and months! Good Bye Neck AND Chest WRINKLES!


You can purchase this neck cream by visiting

xx Cristeen Olley

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

PUR Cosmetics and My Little Pony The Movie UNITE!

You most likely clicked on this post because 1. You like makeup or 2. You like My little pony (or have a little one who does)! I have always been a fan of my little ponies and now having a 5 year old daughter who loves them makes it more exciting! I love watching youtube videos or netflix cartoons with my little pony cuddling with her. My little Pony also has a movie coming out October 6th, 2017! Will you be going to watch it? I know I will! Pinkie pie is my favorite btw. ;)
So, anyways I was pretty excited when I opened this package by PUR cosmetics!  I really like their brand of makeup. Everything is usually very well pigmented and they always have cute themes. I once had a Troll the movie theme makeup package sent to me that I loved as well. 
My little pony the Movie X Pur cosmetics = dream come true 
You will see by the pictures how adorable these are. My daughter Jayde wanted to put makeup on me as soon as we opened the package and I let her and she even has a video of it up on her youtube channel HERE . 
Now let me share the pictures of what came in my package (ps, the makeup is not available until August 10th) So make sure you get notified by clicking notify me on PUR's website. 
Get your my little pony heart eyes ready for this!

The brush collection! OMG! The bristles are so soft and they are cute so that is a plus! This retails for $49

I was most excited about the eyeshadow palette! It retails for $29 and has the most fun colors you could imagine a palette having. The shades are pigmented and have some shimmer and the cutest names (pony names..duh!)

Then there are these highlight crayons that are super pigmented and make you shine like perfection! I have three shades here and my daughter used one in our video for her channel.

Need glossy lips???? These will fulfill that dream of yours! These are super glossy and sparkly! They also didn't feel sticky to me which made me extremely happy haha. Pinkie pie was the best one for me. I wore it alone with no lipstick under and I was very pleased with it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and don't forget to check out the my little pony collection on

xx Cristeen

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Food Diary- Weight Watchers Smart Points #38

Hey! I have a new what I ate today video up! I am still going strong on weight watchers! Of course having my down days or "mess up" days...but I am proud to admit I am HUMAN and not ALIEN haha ;)

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sun Down In Downtown!

I live pretty close to the Mission Inn located in Downtown Riverside and I absolutely love that place. The scenery is beautiful. It's a historic hotel & spa that I am pretty sure you all would love if you stayed there! Anyways, One day I will get pictures of the actual hotel but let's make today just an outfit of the day post. I went pretty casual because the original plan was for me to take pictures of my friend Ramona but the sky was giving the most beautiful lighting when the sun was going down and I wanted in on it ;) Thanks for the pics Ramona Outfit deets will be listed below! 

. Top- Dillards
. Jeans- H&M
. Shoes- Vans
. Backpack - Justfab

xx Cristeen
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