Sunday, April 19, 2009


When I get home from work..I just want to get inside and sleep but then I see those two cute little faces . Mr. Dodger and my lil girl Ariel. My babies. *OUR BABIES* sorry Larry. ha & I just can't help but play or stay up with them. they are sooo cute! Precious! adorable! aaaaaw

I guess I should kindly introuduce them to you .

DODGER- . I love him sooooo much .we named him Dodger because..well, DuHHH!! ding ding ding. WE love the DODGERS! (Handsome face ..right!!?)

and now our precious little girl Ariel..aww Larry loves herrrr I think he has a favorite! no fair! haha. & yes, we got her name because my favorite Disney movie is LITTLE MERMAID!
. seeeee? she has a lot of cuteness!

Totally Random..but..right now I just enjoyed a Weight Watchers Icecream sandwhich.! Amazing..with a Capital A!

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