Saturday, May 9, 2009

and to think

and to think I almost gave up on this blogging thing. Thinking whos going to read it besides me!?!?!?! well, I know theres one person out there interested..right?! =] anyways. Its like a therapy for me.

sooo tomorrow is Mothers day. Happy mothers day to all you mothers!!!

no kids just two lilllll doggies ..say what!? hahaa yaah, larry and I are taking it slow, I mean we want to be a lil selfish and live in our new home for about a year or two just US and the dogs. Then we will have a kid. but you know its all in GODS hands right? :) I will be happy with whatever happens. IM just so excited im going to marry the man I am absolutely so in love with. NO DOUBTS about that!

is it maui time yet!?! haha. I get to see my sister who lives in AZ. :( she moved away when we were fighting. But now that we are getting along through email and phone..its sucky. NO SHOPPING with her. Maybe I will go visit her. ugh but im saving money for Maui and our new home! ... we will see what happens. Anyways, Larrys graduation is soon!! yay! congrats babe

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