Friday, May 14, 2010

for the love of SUMMER


We all have must-haves for the summer...well I thought I would share what mine are this year :) ..(I forgot the sunblock in the picture :X ) ALWAYS USE THE BLOCK!!!!or your skin will be destroyed. oooh and I really don't care too much for Heidi Montag but I LOVE this song!So listen to it while your reading.

Oh and don't ever forget to take a water bottle wherever you go during the summer. It helps keep you and your skin hydrated! (and controls your hunger from those snacks that are out everywhere in front of you for some reason ;) )

Ok so here are some of my favorites that im going to use this summer A LOT!

Olay active hydrating cream! I smooth onto my face and neck every day! It makes my skin so smooth. WWW.OLAY.COM or you can get it at any target and I think some drug stores :)

Forever 21 wallet! I love it. It is so pretty and matches almost anything its a light Gold color! $7.50 they have bronze and gold.

Pink heels feel like soft leather and super cute!!! I went shopping with my sister and mama at the irvine spectrum and found these inside forever 21 !

My black rose ring from forever 21 that I always wear!! and plan on wearing it more and more . It makes your nail polish stand out! It was only $3.80!!

Oil blotting sheets!!it absorbs oil and shine & pore minimizer! It really keeps my skin matte for a long time and I love it! the brand it e.l.f $1.00 at target!!

also Extra gum! I love the sweet tropical flavor! & it's sugar free! you don't want that fowl breath when meeting people at the pools,beaches or summer get togethers right!? hahaa

ok above is a black ROMPER from forever 21,Wedges from charlotte russe,black ring from forever 21,red floppy hat only $6.50 from Forever 21! so cute for summer bbq ;)

my necklace is from H & M!! super cute ! you can also wear it with a strapless dress and it will look stunning!

ok and pretty sea green bracelet is a must have for me and I got mine from Forever 21 and Mac VIVA GLAM GAGA lipstick is super pretty!

& of course..Sally Hansen spray tan! IN A CAN!!!!!! hahaha. I love this stuff so much. You just apply to your hands and rub onto your legs for an instant tan!

Hope you all liked my little kit :) & start getting yours ready !

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