Thursday, May 27, 2010

oooh my body!!!

Summertime sometimes has its downs. like...*cough* Sweaty=stinky *cough* cough*
hahaha. So you want to get scented perfums,lotions and such to save you!! DEODORANT IS NOT THE ONLY ANSWER!!!! so for summer you don't want to smell like a sweaty 849328 lbs man. You want to smell like , well, SUMMER TIME..what I mean in that is COCONUT,PEACHES,PINEAPPLE..etc. (EVEN SUNBLOCK) I love smelling sunblock. (hehe) stay away from those strong heavy Perfume scents.Leave that for WINTER/FALL seasons.
Ok I went to bath and body works and found THEE best summer scented products!! It was buy 3 get 2 free from their signature line! Great Deal right!?! :) I think so!
Here are the products that I got!!(that I love so much)

From Left to Right :
*Summer Vanillas (BERRY)body lotion! smells so good like starburst :) REALLY!
* Signature Collection body lotion in MANGO MANDARIN (feels so soft and non-greasy)
*Summer Vanillas COCONUT COOLING MIST! with aloe vera and it keeps skin refreshed and conditioned with that nice coconut scent!
*Summer Vanillas COCONUT shower gel. Also has ALOE VERA!smells so good like coconut milk with cool vanilla. pefect for summer!
*Signature Collection-Rainkissed leaves (my favorite!) shower gel. SMELLS SO CLEAN AND FRESH!
*Rainkissed leaves body scrub. -not harsh on your skin at all and makes you feel fresh and pampered.

HOPE YOU ENJOYED AND HOPE YOU all smell GOOD! ha ha ha :)

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