Friday, July 9, 2010

Bargain shopping/Target/Review

Hi friends!
I just got back from the movies with my lover face, we finally watched ECLIPSE. * 2 thumbs up* and we had some sushi for dinner. I love date nights <3 it's 11pm and I am sleepy zzzzzzz,but I wanted to post this for you guys! :)
Earlier in the day I went for some Starbucks and some Bargain shopping at Target :)
I am going to show you guys what I got and once I tried them for a day or two I will give you honest reviews on them ;) so then if they are bad you guys won't have to waste your $$ !!( by the way I had to take these pictures with my blackberry because my camera is charging, so sorry about the quality )

N.Y.C. Nail polish in TAXI YELLOW CREME $0.96! (in the picture you can't tell but its a bright bright yellow!check out my twitter to see a better pic of it)
I tried this one on already and since it was only $0.96 I didn't expect too much from it, but after I say 2-3 coats It turned out to be a pretty yellow color. I have I posted my nails on my Twitter acct. so check that out if your interested in what it looks like. so I am really happy I got this and for that price! *pat on my back*

Below is the real reason why I went to Target! I want to try out the new Falsies mascara from MAYBELLINE! it was $6.29 which is great considering most mascaras are above $10. So I got it in VERY BLACK and it is supposed to give that false eyelash effect. Let me try it out and I will let you know if it really does work wonders!

I needed a new eye brush for my crease. I have really deep creases in my eyes naturally so I like to play with it. I got a brush from ELF which is $1 and it worked really good but only for 2-3 weeks :( So I am going to try out this crease brush from StudioTools which is only $1.99 The bristles are already softer than the ELF brand when I first got those. So im really excited to try this out when eye contouring.

I love love love my Laura Mercier Foundation but I can't keep buying it everytime I run out because it cost $30-$40. So I heard from the grapevine that REVLON photoready works just as well as MAC and other high priced liquid foundations. The price for this one was $11.99 and it has SPF 20. It is supposed to give you airbrushed looking skin in any light. So we will see. :)

You can never go wrong with black shorts! I had to get these because 1. they are $14.99 and 2. Us girls all know we get bloated/eat too much one day/or know your going to a bbq or something and going to eat a lot and afraid you might need to unbutton the top button of your pants/shorts! well these ones have a solution for that problem! They have a Knit waistband! yes they stretch!!! but still manage to look very cute/stylish! I can't wait to wear these!

Yay for them stretching!!

alright well, im going to bed now. I will post a blog about all of these once I have used them! :) Have a wonderful Day/Night wherever you are. *HUGS*!


  1. i'll be interested to see how the yellow nail polish turns out!

  2. The NYC nail polish sounds like a GREAT buy! I have been looking for summer nail polish colors and next time I am at rite aid or target I am going to look for this color now! =)

    Let us know how the mascara works out! I have been hearing lots of good things about it but I haven't purchased it, if you like it then I'll run out and buy that as well!

    And those shorts are ADORABLE! Haha i love what you said about being bloated, ugh hateee that we have to deal with it but hey cute things like those pair of shorts doesnt make it so horrible anymore ;)

  3. Haha yay for Sushi and Eclipse date nights :) (definitely getting my bf to do that)
    And I totally agree with you about the Photo-Ready foundation, it definitely is a nice dupe for those more expensive foundations.
    I wanna hear how the mascara works out for you!


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