Monday, November 22, 2010

Las Vegas

This weekend I went to Vegas and I had so much fun. We celebrated my friends birthday out there and met up with other friends. A weekend is just not enough time out there. Here are some picture from the trip. I didn't take my camera so these are all from my Blackberry (sorry about the quality) :/

at Lavo <3 (our last night)

My shoes I took with me.

Eco-Friendly in our Hotel (stratosphere)

haha (and no I did NOT order that drink)

Our first night Out! I just curled my hair with the Bombshell curling iron (I have a review of it on YOUTUBE) just loose waves, and eyeshadow was from the DIOR holiday palette <3

Shirt is from Forever 21 with some pretty black sequin on the flowers, and the pants (faux leather) from Forever 21, boots are from

<3 Larry <3

Birthday Girl and I <3

I wish I would have had more time in Forever 21 to take more pictures,but we were rushing :( It was soo huge!!

haha, I left my money out but put my F21 jewelry in the safe.

At RA sushi for din din.

Danielle and I

My lover.


(More pictures to come when my friend post them from her camera) :)

Me rambling about Vegas and Wet N Wild holiday palette :)

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  1. I went to Las Vegas this summer! It's such a crazy place! Valeria


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