Monday, November 1, 2010

YouTube Inspiration ?

You know what I absolutely love?
(Besides My Husband and Starbucks.haha) Some girls that I found on youtube who are such an inspiration to me and I feel like such a teeny bopper doing this ,but when you truly feel inspired by someone you really want to share it with the world. These girls simply make me smile,laugh, and want to spend my last dollar shopping. hahaha. Well, Here are my favorites and some have also have become friends of mine on twitter and have beautiful hearts.Thank you girls <3

Let me introduce to you :
So you all probably have heard of Kandee Johnson. She is just amazing. She has a bubbly,silly,amazing personality and is very creative. Her videos are all entertaining and you can't help but be in a really good mood after watching her videos. She shows step by step on how to apply makeup and She inspired me to keep practicing with my makeup and to not be afraid of what others think.
awww Stephanie! (WAFFLE HEAD) haha, This girl puts up with so much (BLEEP) from haters (jealous trolls) and just laughs it off and that is what I Love about her, she doesn't care and continues doing what she does. She is not fake in any way,she just tells it how it is, I personally think she is such a sweet person. Her videos make me want to go shopping like no other!She is silly,and has the cutest shoes and clothes!I found myself being a subscriber to her and then soon enough we were chatting on twitter and now I can say she is a friend of mine (who lives so far) :( We both love waffles and starbucks, I think that is what had us chatting.haha. She has great style and has inspired me to be very strong and remember who are really important in our lives and to brush off the negative people. She is going to do great in the future. Good luck and lots of love Steph. & when I win the lottery I will need to hire you to be my interior designer. ;)
TEAM CARLY ALL THE WAY! hahah ;) aw, I love that.Carly Cristman has the best style ever. Forget looking at magazines to see the new style, look at her channel , not only is it entertaining but very classy. She has her own unique style which is what caught my attention. Her outfit of the day videos help out a lot, I know some of her videos gave me idea with some clothes I have in my closet :). She has a wonderful personality as well and shows that confidence is the key to everything. She has def. inspired me to be more confident and you don't need too much to look stylish :)
adgex0- (It wouldn't let me copy her banner :( ..)

Adriene!! She is so sweet and beautiful!! She is so much fun to watch ,she is really funny,and shows different ways of applying makeup and hair tutorials,and does a lot of neutral looks which I LOVE personally. She is another with great style. You need to watch her outfit of the day videos! They are soo good :) Adriene is just overall a sweetheart and if you are looking for an amazing beauty related channel..check hers out! Oh, and good luck with school Adriene!! ;)
Dulce is one who you are all probably subscribed to already, but how could you not be subscribed to her??? She will show you her own personal style and great buys from target and mostly forever 21. She has a very funny personality and she loves fashion and you can obviously tell she does by watching her videos. Congrats on your marriage and pregnancy Dulce and best wishes in the future. I remember watching her videos in the beginning and then seeing how much she has grown. She is a very talented independent woman and that def. inspires me.
Stephanie is such a beautiful Youtuber. She shows monthly favorites,and has some celebrity inspired tutorials which are very good and helpful :) Stephanies channel shares everything beauty related which is an obvious passion of hers. Her channel can teach you a lot of things and she has a great personality . I like watching her reviews and outfit of the day videos. Overall shes another sweetheart who loves everything beauty related! :)

I encourage you all to check out their channels if you haven't already and you will be so glad you did :) Have a wonderful week <3


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