Monday, December 13, 2010

Victoria Secret Eyeshadow

This post is a little late, I wanted to put this up BEFORE my YT video, but I guess I will just post the pictures and the link to the video below it now.

I bought this Victoria Secret Eyeshadow and it is usually $14 ,but it is on sale for $10 right now. (not sure how long that will last) but I must say I love this eyeshadow and I am looking forward to buying different colors. It is a little bit creamy too (which makes it easier to apply with just your fingers) but, it also goes on very well with a brush because it also has a little bit of a "powdery" texture to it. So that is why I love this shadow, it can be used alone with no other eyeshadow and that is basically what my YT video shows :) You can never go wrong with a soft natural look!
I give this product a thumbs up ;) it would be a perfect stocking stuffer. *hint hint*

Finished <3 br="">

Watch how I use it :)

X's and O's


  1. I have a post on about 3 of the colors from them. I think their good and all :) But the darker ones are misleading besides the blacks. They end up alot lighter than what you see in the pan.

  2. That's a very pretty eyeshadow! I might have to go buy it :D


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