Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hard Candy Duo Cheek Tint

I love drugstore products...from Target,walgreens,walmart,CVS...etc It doesn't hurt to try things out that are from those stores. At one time in my life I thought "THOSE ARE TOO CHEAP AND WILL NOT WORK" and I only shopped at Nordstroms and MAC and other department stores. I am so glad I got over that stage because now I am finding products that are affordable and work just as well. Don't get me wrong I still love the MAC counter :) haha.

So my latest Drugstore product I love is from Walmart and it is the Hard Candy Hide and Glow cheek tint (duo cheek tint)in "Pillow talk" It is very creamy but it makes it easier to apply and brush along your cheeks and doesn't dry up too quickly to where you need to just wipe it off and start over if you messed up. It has two sides to it. One side is very baby pinkish. The other side is light brown/nude, with a tint of pink. This blends very nicely and gives a very blushed rosy look. I give this product 2 thumbs up. It was $6.00 and I find that to be a very VERY good price for something that looks this good on your cheeks!!! So I did a youtube review and tutorial on this product and I hope you enjoy it and if you get the product HOPE YOU LOVE IT! x's and o's

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