Monday, April 11, 2011

She is growing up..

So crazy to know my little sister is getting married :) I am so happy for her and I am so glad she found someone who loves her and can make her laugh all the time. Congrats to my sister Denise. (Bride to be)

Her wedding is in May, so we had a bach party for her in Vegas and it was so much fun. One night we went to Marquee and the 2nd night we went to Ra Sushi and Club Rain inside the Palms. So I thought this post would just be a little personal with pictures from her event. (remember we are all of age to be having drinks) lol. Enjoy the pictures.

& I love yoooou Denise!

above: my mom,sister,and that would be me.

Above is a picture of my sisters best friend Danielle <3 br="">
Sister and I with our mama

Shopping around :)

Danielle,Denise and Gina

Me with the girls at RA (sushi=yummy)

RAIN was so much fun

Yeah,my iphone camera gave me glass looking eyes. lol

More will be posted later once the other girls send me the pictures.


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