Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting bigger!

Week 13 has been an interesting week. My bladder is out of control (TMI) haha. I am constantly getting up in the middle of the night to use the restroom.
I also noticed my skin is changing..I never had bad breakouts or acne...but now I have noticed that I have a heat rash or something similiar to it on my forehead and my skin is breaking out! I drink tons of water too! Is this normal? haha
Anyways, I finally went shopping and bought a maxi skirt from Nordstroms that was around $24 and it fits perfectly! Not even a maternity skirt, but just a regular maxi skirt in a Medium (I usually wear small) and it is so comfortable. I went to wal-mart the same day and in the Juniors section I found this fun/summer looking tank top for $3.99!!! Oh and the purple flats have ruffles (from target $4)
Hope you enjoy the pictures and wow ! I hear of girls showing at 16-18 weeks and I am 13 weeks 5 days in these pictures and I feel like like I am showing big time LOL :) have a nice sunday everyone!


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