Tuesday, September 6, 2011

20 weeks pregnant!

I hit the 5 month mark! :) I must say..minus the growing pains and tiredness I LOVE being pregnant. Just knowing I have a human inside of my tummy growing. My own little daughter! I am still in shock and so happy the same time!
So this week I put together an outfit for the LA county fair. I went with my husband and some wonderful friends and their significant others. If you check out my friends blog at Dulcecandy.com you will see the pictures of all of us from the fair. I failed to take my camera. haha. Well besides that, this is what I worked with to make a cute outfit for my 20 week pregnant belly!

Top is from Target. They don't have it listed on their webpage yet.

Black leggings that go below the ankle from H&M

I bought these riding boots from gojane.com ( I bought them in chestnut) The only available color they have now is Taupe. So I couldn't get a picture of the chestnut ones

Here it is all put together :

Thanks for watching!
x's and o's


  1. You look gorgeous sweetie!!!

    XOXO, CC



  2. okay, thanks to you, i bought two pairs of boots haha thanks girl! so cute...


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