Monday, May 7, 2012

April Favorites + Giveaway

Here are some of my Favorite's for the month of April. Neutrogena healthy skin liquid makeup in natural beige. I fell in like with this product instantly! Not only did it go on smoothly without that cakey foundation effect, but it also covered all my imperfections! It made my blush stand out perfectly and gave me pretty much a nice canvas to work with. It also has spf20 but even so I still apply sunblock before for protection. ALWAYS USE PROTECTION ;) ha ha . (Any drugstore sells this)
Downy wrinkle release spray. Talk about a life savor for when you are in a rush or just plain lazy. ha ha. Yeah, you can throw your clothes in a drier to get rid of wrinkles quickly but seriously this works way better and quicker and you don't have to worry about your shirt or whatever shrinking! This also has a nice light fresh scent, it smells like ..well, clean clothes! So not only does it remove wrinkles it also has a clean scent and if you spray a lot no worries, it dries completely in like 15-20 min. ( I bought the trial size from Target )
Loreal paris Voluminous carbon black mascara. Well hello long lashes!! I love this mascara! It's one of those really thick mascaras that just have your lashes taking all of the attention from your other features!!! It's so black and has that effect that makes your eye color pop a little too! Seriously!! try it! I won't lie though, it is a little clumpy so you have to be careful when applying or just get a safety pin to unclump after applying! I bought mine from Walgreens!
essie nail polish in 'as gold as it gets' (Cute name) I love nail polishes with cute names! Don't you?! I actually received this polish from my birchbox for the month of March and I really really like this polish. It is clear with gold speckles! Not clumpy at all and easy to remove unlike other glitter polishes! The gold stands out over any other color nail polish. I had neon orange polish on and put some of the essie over it and waaaa laaaaa! Beautiful color for spring/summer. It looks really good over nude nails as well!!
Paper,rocks,& scissors ring! Just look at it! You know you love it ! Bought it from ebay for under $3! If I lost this ring I would seriously cry a river bigger than the mississippi river !
My beautiful baby girl. She will forever be a favorite person of mine! Always! Every month,every day, every second. I love Jayde more than anything.( 3 months old)
Want two of the items shown??? Go to my facebook page for details!! OOOH and I forgot to take pictures of my favorite scarves for the month of April and my favorite iphone app!! You can see them here on this video posted below which also shows all of these products that I listed above. (minus Jayde, who was napping ) x's and o's

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