Friday, May 25, 2012

Butt Covers?

Love the title?? haha, my husband calls Underwear "butt covers" So I thought it would be kind of different to use that as a title on my blog and video post. Well, I went shopping twice this week! Same mall..same stores. haha. Jayde also got a couple of things to show! So I have some things I wanted to share with you guys and also a little review on a company called , I like the undies I received but the price I am not liking that much.. $20 for a pair of undies??? hmmm.. maybe if you won the lotto or something..I just had to see for myself why they would be $16 a month of $20 for a one time purchase! Honestly, as of now...I am not seeing the difference between them and my Victoria Secret undies :) or shall I say "butt covers" Any whoooooo Hope you enjoy my haul video! xo

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