Thursday, November 1, 2012

Save while online shopping!

I have always been fascinated with how much a person can save when cutting out coupons and using them at registers at department stores to grocery stores, but when it comes to me I prefer being a little lazy and online shopping. haha. Maybe the lazy part is being a little harsh on myself, I DO have a child who is 9 months so it's a little tough going shopping alone with her. Anyways, I have been online shopping for years now and I love it and hate it. I love it because of how easy it is to just purchase something while sitting at home in my PJs and wait at home for it to arrive. oh and SAVING GAS! I hate it because it is waaaay too EASY and my bank acct hates me for that haha, but that is where I am going to help you out a bit here. Well, if you're big with online shopping then you must know that you can save while online shopping as well! Yes, you get those certain emails from the stores themselves saying you can get 15% or something off if you use a certain code..but did you know that there are other sources! I want to share with you my two favorites!! has so many coupon codes you just can't contain yourself! The deals aren't little itty bitty deals either. They're deals that will make your wallet ( bank account ) very happy! The coupon codes are for lots of well known retailers as well. Such as Amazon, gymboree , and enterprise. If you are into beauty like me then you will have a field day looking for deals on this site! I just used it for Target online shopping! The holidays are here and I like to Christmas shop early so I had the option to type in any store to see if their were deals for whatever store I typed in and I typed in Target and waaa LAAA it showed up and now my friends little girl is going to get dora the explorer apparel and I got 20% off all because of this site. Be a professional online shopper and start using this to save you money. You might hate me for sharing this with you because you're bound to start shopping after checking out this cool site!
+1 on Google+ Have you used this site before? If so how much did you save? Another well known site for saving on food (pizza hut), beauty and fashion. (I haven't used it for the other sites except for fashion such as Gojane, charlotte Russe,and Romwe) would have to be this is also a trustworthy website for saving money when you are an online shopper! You can save 50% off of some shoes , clothes, or find free shipping codes on here and they keep you pretty updated with the coupon codes and also have dates to let you know when a coupon has expired so you don't put it in the coupon code section and cry a river when you find it does not work haha.
Have you used this site too? Or what other sites do you know of that I might like? Please let me know especially with these holidays that are sneaking here! :) Happy shopping loves! x's and o's Cristeen

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