Friday, February 1, 2013

What are you wearing for Valentines Day?

Valentines Day... Some people hate that day , some love it. I personally love it not only because I am married to my Valentine but also because that was the day I was born. So of course I am happy about that. I don't usually go out on that specific date because 1 it is busy and 2. I like to think I am the only one celebrating that day for my bday haha ;) KIDDING! Anyways, My friend Ramona and I wanted to share our Justfab favorites for our day/night outfits for a Valentines "Date" whether you go out with your significant other/best friend/family/co workers..etc. These are very cute and not expensive items that you can add to your outfit! First our Day time Date outfits:
Night Date outfits:
Outfit details are listed on the video Hope you enjoy and hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day! x's and o's Cristeen

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