Friday, April 11, 2014

My go to Spring Beauty Products

Happy Friday lovers! Lately I have been using these products like Cr-cr-craaaaazzzy and thought I would share with you why I absolutely love these for this season!

CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir- I mist my face like no other with this product! It feels so refreshing and gives an instant glow! I use it before moisturizer and as a makeup setter and it works great! If you are looking for a hydrating mist to spray throughout the day this is great for that as well! The only thing you might need to get used to is the minty medicine scent ;)
Can be found at sephora. 

Oh Helloooo my pretty dewy cheeks! I can rave for days about my tarte cheek stain in fearless! I blend it in with my fingers on the apples of my cheeks moving towards my hair line and omg this product can last up to 5-6 hours and leave a subtle pink around that time! It's so simple to work with and not greasy at all. fearless has a beautiful peachy pink color and I think that is perfect for this season!
Can be found at Sephora or Tarte's website 

tarte LipSurgence - I have been using the same color lipstick as my cheeks..This is a tad bit darker as you can see in my swatch but I just love how this lip pencil feels on my lips. I can honestly say this product is very hydrating and last about 3-4 hrs. It starts off kind of tingly like if I applied peppermint on my lips but within seconds the feeling is gone and I am left with a Rosy pink-coral color! 

BIG EASY  liquid to powder foundation by benefit- This is a sample size that is almost out already because of how addicted I have become to it! I am usually pretty picky with foundations..especially those that turn to "powder" I love my liquid foundations because I feel it leaves a softer- silkier canvas for your other makeup. This product wins for controlling my oil on my t-zone! It doesn't even look powdery and doesn't flake which I love! It's oil free and has SPF 35! I am currently using the number 03 which blends very well with my skin tone and speaking of skin tone this is a light coverage that evens out your skin tone. wooh!
I got my sample at Sephora.

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