Monday, November 24, 2014

Baby MUST-HAVE Kitchen Items!

Whether it's for your own baby on it's way or a baby shower gift..I promise you these will be the top 4 must haves for in the kitchen when having a little baby human around. From breast feeding to bottle feeding these 4 were used just about daily and all stored in the kitchen!

Boon- Countertop Bottle Drying Rack- Grass $14.98 at walmart

I can't tell you enough how much this sucker is used in my house! This was given to me as a gift with my first born (2 years ago!) & I am now using this daily for my 2 month old! I love it. It keeps your babies bottles, cups, baby/toddler utensils and even breast pumping tools separate from all the other dirty dishes in your house! I mostly use this to dry pacis, bottles or my toddlers drinking cups. It looks cute too! Which is a plus! You can find this at WALMART

Chicco Bottle Brush Set $5.99 (babiesrus)

I am pretty sure it doesn't matter what brand but a bottle brush is something that is definitely needed if you are bottle feeding or even pumping! You don't want to use your typical sponge that is used for other dishes on your sweet little human's bottles or on the breast pump..yuck! I feel safer using this specifically for my precious one and it does it's job! These brushes get every bit of the bottle and so much easier than trying to stick your whole hand in the bottle to scrub a dub dub! I can't find the brush I use but this looks similar. Mine came with some bottles. You can find this one here at BABIESRUS
Medela Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bag $5.99 (babiesrus)

You probably know by now that I am really into keeping my kids accessories, pacis, bottles etc clean and sanitized and that is where this fella comes in! I can't tell you how many times my babies have dropped their paci's and I feel like scrubbing just isn't enough. I use this bag that steams cleans and it's so easy to use! You get 20 uses per bag btw! I use it for brand new paci's too! This product right here will just give you tired mama's piece of mind when your little one gets a new pacifier or drops theirs...or even if you feel like you need to clean that bottle nipple or breast pump accessory a little more. This one is from babiesrus.

Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags $7.99 30ct. (babiesrus)

With my first I breastfeed a little over 6 months and used these religiously! They never opened, ripped or leaked. They were strong for sure! I used these for storing my milk in the freezer and fridge. They have a section on top where you can write down when you placed the milk in there so you knew exactly how long the milk was good for! It also let's you know how many oz of breastmilk is in the bag! Now for my 2 month old I couldn't breastfeed as long, but it's okay! I won't let that put me down. My baby is chunky and happier than ever! Anyways, these bags are still convenient even without breast milk! I will make formula when I am about to leave and know I have to feed my kid within that hour and I will fill up one of these bags and they are so easy to store in my purse (diaper bag) This might sound weird to some but I even used some as if they were ziploc baggies and stored my 2 year olds cheerios in there for car rides or when leaving the house for anything :) So if you purchased these and have lots of extras if something happened with BF. Don't trash them! They can be used for many things! I got mine at BABIESRUS
Hope you enjoyed this MOMMY post and next week I will have a must-have SOOTHING products for Newborns and or Toddlers :)

Love, Jayde and Jax's Mommy

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