Friday, October 16, 2015

The Right Sized Makeup!

Before and After using Stowaway

I recently discovered this line and I am so happy with it! Stowaway! "The right sized" makeup. It's perfect in size and not a waste of money because let's get real here..Who ever finishes a whole lipstick? I know I don't and I personally know family members and friends who have to toss out their lipsticks are they get old. The lipstick I got from this website won't go bad. I know it! It's the perfect RED and small in size which means I won't waste the product. If you were to ask me what my favorite product is out of all these shown below it would have to be the concealer! Try it out I promise you won't be disappointed.

Time to share makeup I adore. Welcome back to my blog. Today I am sharing Stowaway Cosmetics!

This gives you a flawless base to work with. Don't believe me? watch my tutorial at the bottom :)

Excuse the makeup finger prints on the concealer haha. I was too excited to try it out after applying my bb cream.

Just a small amt. goes a long way. This has got to be my favorite concealer as of now!

I can go on for days about this beautiful colored blush!

It has a cute little mirror attached ;)

Peony is the perfect shade! I love how smooth and creamy this blush was. It wasn't greasy and actually was simple to apply with my ring finger and didn't dry up quickly like most cream blushes where you have to hurry and blend. 

The eyeliner was dotted on my tight line and gently applied on my lower lash line for a little bit of an eye pop.

Get those lashes girl! At least I know this mascara won't be a waste and dry up! 

This mascara did not leave any clumps and was so easy to take off that night.

So cute and perfect sizing!


Scarlet glides on so smoothly and gives a beautiful finish!


As a busy mom of 2 you don't really have time to get all glammed up with makeup. These products are so easy to take anywhere with you where you can apply it within 5-10 min! Seriously! :)
click HERE to check out the products.
Watch my tutorial below: 

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