Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Me Time!

When the kids are in bed that is usually my time to have ME TIME! Long hot showers or hot bubble bubble baths using luxurious bubble bath foams or bath bombs. Awww sounds nice right? Well, I share with you what I do when I want to pamper myself if I am not DEAD TIRED and want to just pass out with my makeup on and the clothes I wore all day (IT HAPPENS..MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK). I share with you in this video the products I have been using in the bath and after the bath on my skin and such. Enjoy!! 

Clarins cooling gel feels phenomenal on the skin! I like to keep my stored in the refrigerator. You can but it HERE

When you watch my video you will hear me gush about this product! It smells amazing and feels amazing the same time. I think every single person out there should own this
... You can find it HERE

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