Monday, August 14, 2017

Miracle Neck Cream!!

 I am in my thirties, mid thirty, okay..35 to be exact! I am now experiencing what they call the "W" word. Did you guess it? WRINKLES! It's part of life and we will all get it but you can prevent it from showing up earlier and you can also blur them out here and there with very high quality products.  For me I feel like it's nice for woman and men to share their secrets about their skincare routines or miracle skincare products. So for me I am going to share a miracle product for your NECK! Those neck wrinkles just BAM showed up out of nowhere and the skin look a little loose around that area so I was on the lookout for a high quality neck cream that actually worked and wasn't just that typical "moisturizer" and I found one! It worked in literally 3 days! Serious! You can see from the pictures below that they worked. The neck cream is called Vella and it's a brand from South Korea. You can find it by clicking HERE . 

I thought the packaging was pretty neat with the "Iron" to represent SMOOTHING wrinkles. Get it? 

Applying the cream was very simple. It came with a utensil that helped pick up the thick cream and apply directly on the area you desired.

Here is my neck/ chest area before applying the cream.
Note: I did apply the cream on my chest as well. 

I blended it on the area with my clean fingertips and I loved scent of the cream and the way it felt. It felt like it was instantly working.  I didn't get any bad reaction and there was no burning sensations or anything like that. The cream does have two main ingredients for wrinkles one being ADENOSINE which tightens your skin and has that effect to prevent any more wrinkles on the neck. The second main ingredient in this magical neck cream is called NIACINAMIDE. This ingredient makes your skin bright and tight and it definitely brightened my neck are which you will notice in the after picture below. Niacinamide also used for the prevention and treatment of hyperpigmentation. 

So after 3 days I took an after shot and below you can see a difference and it felt differently and I can't wait to see the results in weeks and months! Good Bye Neck AND Chest WRINKLES!


You can purchase this neck cream by visiting

xx Cristeen Olley

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