Thursday, September 3, 2009

they are like kids! lil yorkie decided to not follow the rules this morning and peed in the laundry room instead of in the backyard!! aaaaaaaah! bad dodger..but now hes following me around like a mommas boy..& I must admit its kind of cute. While Ariel is so confused of why im hugging dodger more than her..when She was the good one tinkling outside. She got a secret snack I gave her on the side I guess it evens out. Anyways,I love this day off so far..pssh, I love days off PERIOD! & I have this huge craving for chocolate! ChOCOLATE ANYTHING!! NOW!! haha. I miss My husband.I wish he had the same days off as I do.. :( Well time to clean and keep a close eye on the dogs ..I have a feeling they are a little rebellious today

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