Monday, March 22, 2010


I can't believe how selfish most of us are..YeS! including myself. We all complain about little things in life...things that will no longer matter when it is your time to go. We complain about others,we complain about certain foods we eat,small spaces,what we look like.. . ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! I promise myself and the lord I will be more grateful and I will appreciate what I have and if I can't get what I want ..I believe there is a reason. You never know when your last day is coming and the reason for this blog today is because I came across another blog that was so touching and she seems like an amazing strong beautiful hearted woman. ..who is dealing with so much everyday and it makes me feel so selfish to look at little things I complain about but yet Look at her life!She was involved in a private jet accident with her husband and they both survived and manage to keep a happy strong life with eachother and their children. Check out her blog.. :) you will enjoy it as well.

I am proud that I am loved by many and that I love many <3

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