Sunday, March 21, 2010

why these thoughts?

why do we sometimes have these thoughts in our head of just 'Giving up' . Should I be having these thoughts? I mean my life is pretty good ,I have a wonderful husband ,amazing family,great friends,brand new home,relationship with GOD.... just some things make me so unhappy and I try to find it in me to enjoy and appreciate it. but it's too complicated. I try and give my best and it fails to be appreciated by these other people. "GIVE UP CRISTEEN??!!" yeah, that is what I am asking myself. I said before go for your dreams but its too hard when you feel nailed to a wall and nobody is letting you take those nails off to be released and free to go for what you want. I need some strength right now , but its so hard! Is this just a down "Day" or time in my life right now? I don't know. I am just over it pretty much and need positivity but nobody as of right now understands.. I just want to feel "REFRESHED" . Thats the word . That is what I need right now. Please forgive me for being EMO. I usually have positive things and happy things to say , but my life isn't perfect. Im not living with the brady bunch family you know ;)

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