Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Forever Young

..or forever 21 I should say! Or FOREVER21.COM is what I really meant to say :) haha. I ordered online and got some really cute things! <3 I think I will only go to the store when my sister comes out to visit. shes got some great style im telling you! & I can never really find much at the stores.Just online. haha.

Icecream girl top ($12.80)Grey skirt($10.90),and belt($4.50) are from my order :) Cute! The shirt is really light so thats perfect for summer!

The tank top was from the order,its Olive ($5.80)with a little pocket. Paired with shorts I got from Target :)

Dress! Taupe/cream only $19.80. Go to to look at the back of this dress its so pretty! its a zipper! the item number to search it is 72436993.

What more can I say about these!? They are hot & comfy!& $24.80!

ok I wasn't really into the Bib necklaces at first,but then I was at the mall and some girl was wearing a black one and it was really cute! So, I got one in pink.($6.80)*haha* & I am glad I did <3

Im a black belt in karate! yeah riiiight. I just had to get this belt because it's all black easy to wear with other clothes =]


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  3. ooh love that striped dress!


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