Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Team Jesus!

I go to Church, I am a Christian, and not afraid to admit that I am all for Team Jesus!

Greg Laurie- a funny,goodhearted,Christian,loving,outspoken,*cough cough* bald *cough cough* (Just kidding) ha, (he always jokes about that),amazing man who I can call my friend,even though I never actually spoke to him ..he has spoken to me and inspired me.I read his blog,-daily devotions- every night and sleep better with faith and a smile. He has opened my heart to so many things and reminded me that I can do all things through Christ, and when he tells everybody in church he cares about them and such I feel he really does...amazing amazing pastor. Thank you Greg for always having the strength and joy in teaching us.GOD BLESS.(Harvest in Riverside,Ca) Anyways, here is an email I have recieved today from Greg Laurie :

Dear Christine,

No matter how many times I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the Holy Land, the sight of this city never fails to grab my attention.

During our recent ministry tour of Israel, many things came to mind as I looked at the walled city of Jerusalem. One of those things was that Jerusalem is the city of our past, our present, and our future.

As I look at events in Jerusalem, Israel, and around the world right now, I am convinced more than ever that these are all signs alerting us to the fact that Jesus Christ is coming back again.

Let’s all be looking and living in anticipation of His return!

Looking up,

Greg's signature
Greg Laurie

P.S. Check out my blog for my recent postings from the Holy Land . . . we only returned last week so these comments are fresh and up to the minute.


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