Monday, June 28, 2010

Love of my life

June 27,2009 We both said "I do" It was a beautiful moment that I had always waited for since I was a little girl. The REAL experience was far more better than my imagination. I married a man who still to this day gives me butterflies and makes me feel so loved that I feel like I am on top of the world.
(picture below is us in Oahu couple days before flying to Maui to get married! )

Yup, We were so blessed to be able to get married in Maui and share it with close family. It was so amazing.
So here we are a year later..Celebrating our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary. I spent the weekend with Larry in Laughlin Neveda. We had a great time! We even read a letter he wrote to me in our first 5months of being together and laughed and smiled and just so amazed to look at where we are now at this moment. Don't ever be afraid to love. It is a wonderful feeling. I love being in love and being loved. <3 I love you Larry. (pictures below are from this weekend in Laughlin )

When we got home, we cut the top of the wedding cake we saved..and it didn't taste to well. hahaha


  1. ..happy anniversary , it's so wonderful to be in love : ) are so cute and I really love your style , you look beautiful in every single photo ..

    ..have a great day girlie : )
    Ellinelle xxx

  2. How sweet! Happy Anniversary! Me and my hubby had ours 3 days before you :)


  3. Happy Anniversary! You too look adorable.

  4. happy anniversary, you two look so cute together :)


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