Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus CLOTHING LINE ..say whaaat!?

Miley CYRUS (MAX AZRIA) clothing line.Sold at Walmart. Yesterday was my first time ever seeing the clothing line. I FELL IN LOVE!! I didn't think I would and even though I only bought one item, I am pretty sure I will go back for more. I bought a pretty blue shirt with a pocket ( I LOVE POCKETS! haha ) its a loose fitting shirt, perfect for Summer and it was on sale for $3.00 ! ..LET ME REPEAT THAT $3.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great deal ! The other shirts were like $10-$15. Still very good, so if you were a little "iffy" about the line, check it out you will love it!

I can almost fit my other shoe in the pocket, I love how its a loose pocket ;)(not like I will ever walk around with a shoe in my pocket..hahahaha)

Ring was from ;)


  1. I love the top! And i love how you paired it with white shorts, so adorable.

    I went to walmart last week and I bought the most adorable romper! I was so surprised that walking around I actually liked her clothes.

    And your so cute, putting your shoe in the pocket!

  2. very cute outfit! i've seen miley's line but never really tried it out before. i'm thinking i maybe should :)

    and thanks for commenting on my blog!

    xo, gina

  3. Yessss please show me your mannequin! I look forward to your blog post =) Now you have me wanting to go to Tj maxx to get another one!

  4. As much as I hate Walmart, that line is super cute. Great outfit!


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