Thursday, July 29, 2010

EVERDRESS.COM online retailing shop
When you first hear of websites that have low low low prices and discounts and sales all the time you kind of wonder..hmmmmm maybe their clothes aren't great quality and such. Well, I am here to PROVE YOU WRONG!!! ! :) If I would have known how great their clothes are I would have bought more, but being hesitate at first because its a new site that I bought from I wanted to just buy two things. LET ME TELL YOU GIRLS!! THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!! GREAT PRICES! FABRIC is wonderful! Clothes feel so comfortable on. I felt so beautiful with them on. I love it . I love this site, I love it. I would not lie to my followers because I appreciate you all and I want you guys to trust me at all times when I give reviews and such. So TRUST me in this. You will not regret buying from EVERDRESS.COM (for the record, they did not ask me to do this, I chose to do this myself, I just bought from them liked what I saw and wanted to share ;] )
Here are the two items I bought :) & different ways of wearing them..why show one way??? when you can do so much more with them ! ENJOY!
ps. *sorry about some of the lighting on the pictures. Im no professional haha. *

Cute ROMPER (jumpsuit) - one shoulder with drape ruffle and side slash pockets.100% Polyester,extremely comfortable!
(wore with matchy wedges,bracelet and a long necklace)

(paired with black cardigan,black belt,black (boot) heels)

(paired with white jacket,heels,and flower in hair)

purple floral print chiffon with purple satin and one sleeve that's loose fitting and you feel so relaxed yet gorgeous when you have this on!
(paired it with black leggings and wedges)

(so cute as a dress with brown heeled boots)

(casual with jean shorts and flip flops)

Ways of contacting them:
facebook album- EverDress New arrivals!


  1. Thanks for the review! I'm going to ck out that website tomorrow.. =)

  2. love your top super cute totally following your blog

  3. Girl, i so like all what youre wearing here, very beautiful, im a new follower.


  4. love ir style!! im gonna check that website out ;) xoxo

  5. You look great in those vibrant colors!

  6. Cristeen! YOU are soooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, you must turn heards all the time! Or in your case all the time at home every time your husband sees you! <3

    I LOOOVE the romper! Its the perfect color to mix and match with other pieces of clothing! And i love how you showed how you can mix it up. It fits beautifully on you!

    And the purple chiffon is sooo cute! I love how it looks and fits on you! Purple is a color that I think looks beautiful on everyone!

  7. wow those clothes are super cute esp purple cuz its my fav color =) love ur blog

  8. Love the monostrap on the blue dress. Great pairing with the blue accessories!


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