Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Victoria Secret PINK

WOW!! Haven't been on the victoria secret website in a LOOONG TIME!
I am so glad I did though! Ok, for those of you who do not know this. I am a HUGE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES FAN!! 13 teams got picked to be part of the PINK brand NFL COLLECTION. EAGLES MADE IT!! So I ordered 3 Items. (plus a free lipgloss if you put in the code GLOSS10) lol.
When I get the items I will show you what they look like on *EXCEPT FOR THE UNDERWEAR* hahaa.

For some reason I can't get these pictures big. So go to the website to check out the detail on and click on PINK and NFL COLLECTION :)

(I Love this sweatshirt above! look at the hood!)

If you buy any PINK brand from the site put in the code GLOSS10! Hurry it's a special offer. You get one free gloss! Your choice color! ( I got pink lemonade)

Oh I also have a little wish list. Look at how adorable these are!

(all pictures were from

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  1. Ahhh no wayyy! I didn't know they added the eagles! I used to work at VS and I used to be so updated haha not any more! And the undies are soooo cuteeee! About time they make some cute sports clothes for girls! =)


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