Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A little secret :)

I am watching what I eat again!! I reached my goal weight awhile ago and just maintained, but during Summer it's so hard. I mean you want ice cream all the time, you have bbq's , Smores,pies, beach parties. Summer drinks! I am guilty of the ice cream for sure. My favorite you ask!?? DRUMSTICKS! Yummers!

you know the picture above made you drool a little :)

So, I will let you in on my secret. If you don't already know. It's Free! yes free!! Its a wonderful website :)
FATSECRET.COM It's your very own diet. All I did was keep track of my calories daily . you input your food and it counts the calories for you. That simple and everybody on the site is so nice and helpful. I can still have the ice cream , but not 2 a day. *GUILTY AGAIN* ha ha. IT has weigh ins too that you can do yourself, you can keep your profile private if you like. Any questions just ask. I lost 30lbs from that site helping me out. its a big helping hand.



  1. i need some icecream now!


  2. Ooh I've been tracking my calories on a similar website! Nice to know that you can really see results if you follow it like you did! Thanks for sharing :)


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