Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Quotes " " and Forever 21

I love Quotes. Inspirational/funny/sweet/romantic.. I love all of them. One of my favorite quotes is "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."-Dr. Seuss

What is one of your favorite Quotes?

oh by the way ..here are some new arrivals on forever21.com that I really want :)
love this shirt $14.80

(below)Floral Crochet Tunic w/ Belt $22.80

Knotted Ankle Bootie $27.80

Filigree Leaf Necklace $6.80

Silken Mesopotamia Skirt $22.80

Double Breasted Squadron Jacket $29.80

Silky Floral Dress $24.90


  1. Love the shirt on the first pic. xx

  2. I love forever 21, they normally have cute stuffs.

    ps: I love so many quotes, if I wrote them here, it would take a while. :)

  3. The Tunic and the floral dress are my favorites! Oh and the flinstones shirt! <3

    I am just like you! I have TONS of quotes. I even have a quote book, I have pictures of it in a post from a couple weeks ago =) So every quote I write in there is a favorite! I only write quotes that touch me and inspire me. Its a project that will go on for as long as I live! I hope to have more than one quote book and have my grand kids have it and read it...cheesy I know!

  4. That last dress is SO cute! Great picks!

  5. "Love is doing small things with great love."

    "I do not pray for success. I ask for faithfulness."

    Mother Teresa


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