Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Would you?

I think every Wed. if I can I will post a "Would you?" post. Basically what it is,im going to ask would you to my followers or anybody :) and its going to be a picture of an outfit, or pair of shoes,a shirt,etc. and you let me know if you would Rock that item (s) . so this is my first one :)

Would I? --- Yes I would! I love the ring, I would like the shoes to be hot pink but I would still love to rock them :) and the bag and pants are to die for!! :D but that's my opinion, whats yours?


  1. where did u get these pics? where can i get these shoes? I would wear this entire outfit

  2. I would defiantly rock the blazer, bag, shoes & ring... I think adding them to grey skinny jeans & a orange or red scarf would make a killer outfit :)



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