Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Top five

Hi! I was online searching Court Reporting schools in California and then got side-tracked looking up . LOOK WHAT I FOUND! :) has new arrivals and I decided to share my Top 5 that I would love to have my hands on! :)

Lacquered Rose Ring $4.80 ( I really love the color)

Tiered Lace Knit Top $19.80

Satin Bow Dress- $17.80 ( LOVE THIS ONE)

Petal Accent Platform Heels $24.80 (petal accents at the ankle look great!)

Chic Draped Dress $24.80 ( had to show you the back of it, STUNNING!)


  1. Love these there so pretty, wish they had forever21 in UK! :(


  2. <333 I really want to go to Forever 21 now.

  3. I am in LOVE with those heeeels! Ahhh I want them nowwww! And the dresses are GORGEOUS! Forever 21 is just lovely isnt it? =)

    I nominated you for an award! Go see my post =)

  4. So, I am totally starting at the beginning of your blog....are you doing court reporting?


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