Monday, August 16, 2010


Every time I visit FOREVER21.COM ,first thing I click on is NEW ARRIVALS! Check these out! I love them all! but can only get one right now,which should I buy??? Based on my comments below I will buy that one :)

Cutout One Shoulder Dress (Little black dress with some braveness to it! ;) )

Heart Netted Tights (FINALLY! I have been waiting for them to get some heart ones)

Lace Front Top ( love how its loose on the sides)

School Days Mickey Mouse Top (looks so comfortable,can pair with jeans.skirts,shorts.

Bow Knit Beanie ( I LOVE BOWS!)

Cutesy Minnie Mouse Pullover ( so adorable and chic)

Colorful Flora Dress (when it gets cold I can always pair with a cardigan and tights)

Abstract Confetti Dress (beautiful for fall)

Basic Jersey Surplice Tunic (Usually don't wear clothes with the top like that,but this can pass, I have not really much in this color)

Darling Sue Knit Top (Big bow! :) )

Frilly Ruffles Cardigan (black cardigan that's not so boring)

ok, theres so much more but these are my top picks! SO which one is it??


  1. that black dress and that little hat with the bow
    awesome !!!

  2. I always look at the new arrivals too! & the fabulous finds =)
    love everything you picked out...might have to check out f21!

  3. The little black dress is super cute! =) Thx for giving me the heads up! =)

  4. Ooh i love all the clothes! Forever 21 has amazing stuff but there isn't a forever 21 in the uk :'( Great post though :) xx


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