Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Picture That Makes Me Happy

Sorry I have been MIA. So much going on, getting ready for school,and lots of time on my youtube channel due to the fact that I am doing that 30 day challenge!! So, today was day 7 of the 30 day challenge and the topic was "A picture that makes you happy" & I showed a picture that really does make me happy. It is a picture that was taken 2 days before Larry and I got married :) We were in Oahu so excited the day we took this picture and that day was so much fun and we were talking about how exciting and amazing that in two more days we were getting married in MAUI!

It is nice to have a picture around that makes you happy. Everytime I see this picture I can't help but smile. So I thought I would share it with my blog followers *FRIENDS* as well :]

Want to smile? Grab a picture that makes you happy and you can't help but have those beautiful lips of yours stretch :)

*take nothing but photos,leave nothing but footsteps,and kill nothing but time*


  1. nice post! you really look happy here, sweet smile!


  2. you look so pretty !!!
    thanks for sharing

  3. Awww the picture is adorable! You both truly look SOOOO happy! thats so sweet and romantic that you both got married in Maui! What more could a romance story ask for!?! <3


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