Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gorgeous,Fabulous,Great price Jewelry!

Talk about an amazing Jewelry Website! They have EVERYTHING! All inspired Jewelry for a low price. They have Brand name and celebrity inspired pieces. I was very lucky to receive some jewelry from their site and I love them so much.
In all honesty to my followers I would not recommend anything that I dislike,but their jewelry is so identical and feels like expensive jewelry.

When I picked out my jewelry I thought "what would be nice for Fall????"
This is what I found :

These Leaf earrings are so beautiful and simple and don't pull on my earlobe at all and I have sensitive ears and wore these out and they didn't irritate my ear one bit.

Is this not the cutest ring you have ever laid eyes on in your whole life!?!?! This pretty Gold owl is resting on a leaf and has beautiful black crystal eyes. This ring is the best ring I own..ok second (my wedding ring is first) haha. But this ring just makes me smile and it definitely stands out! Be my twin and buy this ring you will love it. :)

whooooo :)
Not only does this company offer Gorgeous inexpensive jewelry,but they also have that kindness in their hearts for animals. They support charities and have beautiful animal necklaces,rings,and bracelets. Here is one of my favorites.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Turtle ring!)

and guess what!? You can enter on my YouTube Channel for a chance to win a piece of Jewelry off of for $35 or under. Giveaway ends OCTOBER 13,2010.

Or if you want to buy something now go to

Have a beautiful day DIVAS! :)


  1. I love that owl ring! SO cute! I'm a new follower btw.



  2. love the pretty jewelry
    come follow xxo

  3. i love that owl ring, its adorable! :)

    Mollie from x


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