Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Clean hair without water?

Ever have oily hair and don't have time to wash it???and you often hear about baby powder working but don't want to take that chance of looking like you have dandruff everywhere??

YES!! ME ! ME *raises hand!*

Well, me too! I decided to go with it and try out DRY SHAMPOO. Dry shampoo? pretty crazy right? That was my first thought, but I found this TRESemme Dry shampoo on sale at Target for under $3 and decided, what the heck I might as well try it out, I mean some days im too lazy to wash my hair and this might be a magical can for my hair. haha.

What exactly is Dry shampoo??
It is a spray/powder/foam (whichever your purchase) that gives you a fresh look and this solution gives you clean looking hair without water added. It removes oil and oder while injecting volume. It brings life to your hair and gets rid of the limpness and pretty much gives that hair on your head some bounce.

My thoughts you ask??
Well, I was very skeptical at first because I didn't want my hair to look even more oily/greasy. I then sprayed it on and first thought "smells good" second thought "I don't think this is working" I waited a little over 2 minutes and brushed out my hair and I did notice some shine and after 5 hours the shine and life was still there, but it didn't last longer than 5 hours for me, but I DO RECOMMEND this product, and it is sold at Target/any drug store. Good thing about it, you can be driving to work in the morning after a long night and and just spray in your hair and it looks and smells like you took a shower and styled your hair .

Miracle in a can! woooh! The price is great too. I think the original price is $4.79,but I love sales! haha so I had to grab it right there and then and glad I did.

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  1. I have been wanting to try out dry shampoo and you convinced me! I lovw how you said that the good thing about it is you can be driving to work, hahaha! Sounds like something we all can love about this product! More time to sleep in =)


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