Sunday, September 19, 2010

Payless shoes?

So sorry for missing!!! I have been lagging on this. I am back :) I even missed a would you wed!ahhhh!! hopefully you all forgive me. xo. I have been logging on to my youtube channel a lot and that has been keeping me busy as well as everyday life and school. So I thought about it and 15 min of blogging time is just fine with me ..for you all.

so I went on a website that I don't usually go on. Actually this is my 2nd time ever going on the website. PAYLESS.COM . I am glad I did go on .I found some really beautiful fall shoes/boots/heels/flats and I thought I would share some of my favorites with you. :) Let me know what you think! luv ya!

Harlee Lace-Up Shootie ( I love the fact that these are so different, they would look so cute with work pants,black dress, or even a skirt. I love love love)
Fioni $29.99

Kameron Menswear Mary Jane
Dexter * on sale right now for $19.99 * I dont know what it is about these but they def. caught my attention. I guess it has to do with the plaid fabric and taking it back to cute mary janes that you can wear with black tights :) sooo cute and I want them now!! haha. Perfect fall shoes!

Marley Flat Boot
American Eagle $39.99 Grey boots!adorable!! my only concern is the rain, I think it might ruin it?? but I think there are some protectors for faux suede. I love that these are flat too.

Tracey Tall Slouch Boot
Fioni $49.99
talk about a sassy boot! I love this one! this can go with pants,dress,leggings,skirts, almost anything! I love these, you cant go wrong with these boots. Look at the heel!! wooh.

*notice almost everything is black and grey. haha*
Delilah Flat ($22.99)
American Eagle I love these flats!!! the beautiful matchy flowers make them even better!!they look very flexible.

Audrey Exotic Knot Flat $19.99
American Eagle - animal print flats for fall. I think we should all buy these now. haha. <3 them.

Anise Bow Flat
zoe&zac ($24.99) These colors scream out FALL and WINTER! I love the colors and if you are wearing all black these can def. make the outfit 10x better. :)

Parisienne Exotic Platform Pump
Christian Siriano for Payless (39.99) wow payless, look at you with these sexy thangs!!! sooo cute and not just plain black...its black python with a very hot posh style . These would look hot with a classy coat !

Flurry Moc $24.99
Airwalk -I don't know what it is but these make me want to drink hot chocolate or a hot coffee from starbucks. hahaha. They just seem so comfy and simple to throw on if you are in a rush to the store or just walking around the house or even being on a vacation up in the mountains. These are cute and simple especially with jeans.


  1. The first shoes I have!!! I bought them 2 years ago at Steve & Berrys. I am so glad I kept them =)

    And I love the moccasins! I have been wanting a pair to wear when I am lazy, I am going to head over to payless when I have the time and look for them.

    I also wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award! <3

  2. wow those heels look great !!! your right wow pay less !!!

  3. wow! cute shoes! I'm definitely heading over to check them out =)

  4. These are some good looking ones compared to what they use to carry when I was younger.

    My mother would always be like okay were going shoppin for new school shoes and I would get super hyped then when we arrived at a payless I was like nooo I dont want to go in!! lol


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