Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FOLLOWERS!! look your on my page!

Thank you!

haha the picture above. (I am such a dork) but, on the real. I just wanted to do a little shout out and thank you to all of you following my blog <3 It means a lot and I get really excited whenever I find another follower. Like with twitter, I get really excited when I have a follower on twitter. -www.twitter.com/cristeendior-

and a subscriber on youtube.(www.youtube.com/cdiorme) It feels so good,kind of indescribable. :) I appreciate you all. If you have any questions please ask on here,twitter,or Youtube. Have a wonderful day. x's and o's and I am doing this all for you!
again, Thank you thank you thank you!! to me followers=friends <3


  1. I found me!! Lol

    Love this post! (:

  2. lol. I found me too. Too cute. xx

  3. aww...too cute! Thank you Doll!
    xo Tiffany Monet

  4. Awww what a nice thing to do.We all love you tooooooooooooooooooo xxxxxxxxxxx


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