Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Who is on Twitter?

Is it addicting or what? I remember trying it out 2 years ago and thought "This is so dumb, its only for celebrities" haha and plus I didn't get how to use it. It confused me, and I was so into "MYSPACE" at the time.lol. Then I did the whole facebook thing. Still love that, but get bored once in awhile and decided I wanted to try out twitter again. So now I am addicted and constantly checking it on my phone LOL!

(just thought I would share that with you)

Are you addicted to TWITTER????


by the way...made me laugh what Spencer Pratt put today

spencerpratt: Did Justin Bieber invent human cloning? Because every other person on twitter appears to be him.


  1. i have twitter! i will follow u as well!!!

  2. Ahahah I was exactly like you before! But I got a Twitter anyway (I was sooooooooo late): @GabyFauchon


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