Tuesday, October 12, 2010

These boots were meant for walking

Hello my lovely friends.
I think we all know it's that time to start buying your new boots for fall and winter! Plus fall clothes :) I want to share with you some really cute boots I got from gojane.com and I also paired them up with different outfits to kind of show you that you don't have to just wear them with jeans and a plain T :)

(picture above it the actual picture of the boots from gojane.com) Cute right!!? They are the suede drawsting sleeve shaft boots #48677
They are by far the most comfortable boots I own and the most stylish ones I own right now. They are faux suede and have a rubber sole which is great so I don't start slipping or sliding anywhere. and you can fold them down to make it seem like a whole different pair of boots. They are so adorable. The pricing on gojane.com is the best ever. It doesn't hurt to check out the site,but WARNING: you will end up with something in your shopping cart, that is how reasonable the prices are and how adorable everything is on that site!
- Here are some ways I wore my boots :)

classy :)

SO cute with the jacket!


Casual :)

I love these boots so much,but theres also another pair I am going to have to buy soon!! Look at these beauties!!
Suede-Leopard-print-platform boots and they are only $28.80!!!

(pic above is also from their website)

Check out their website and what boots did you end up falling for?

xo Cristeen <3


  1. I LOVE your boots! I am so tempted to go on the website and see what other style of boots they have. And I love how you paired them with all your outfits!

    and the leopard ones are CUTE! Ahhh and super affordable.!

  2. amazing ; )) your pic are so very pretty ; ) i like it !!

    if, you want follow me :*** <3


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