Friday, October 8, 2010

Would you "late Wednesday"?

Hello my friends!!
So sorry I have been lagging on this again. School and personal life is getting in my busssiness :) hahaha, I miss all of you on here so, "hi, miss you!" :)

OOH so before I forget, my youtube channel is still having a Jewelry giveaway so don't forget to check that out, also sometime next week I am going to post a blog about this wonderful skin cream that helps moisturize your skin!! It is an amazing product. I looove it. Especially the winds and cold weather, I always get dry itchy skin and this moisturizer does the trick! So look forward to that blog :)

Well, lets get to it. The Would you "late Wednesday"! (someone suggested I do "would you Wednesdays" on youtube?? should I?

(picture from

Would I? Those tights are laced with flowers, I kind of like them :) but, I don't like how they are paired up with that top and hat...Thats my opinion.. So now for the main Question....WOULD YOU WEAR THIS?

1 comment:

  1. I lovee the tights as well! But agree with the top or hat! You don't get to appreciate the tights. I'd eliminate the hate number one! And I would pair it with a white tunic and a cold belt and some brown flats. Thats how I would wear it =)

    I hope your busy weeks wind down, God knows we all could use a break <3


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