Friday, December 17, 2010

Maybe a new obsession?

I won a pair of heels from gojane's facebook fan page. GOJANE is a fashion clothing/shoe/accessory website if you didn't know. ( :) WONDERFUL,Great priced website!!
So as I was putting my NEW heels in my shoe closet I noticed...I have something going on in there..hahahaha. I think it will turn into a zoo one day :) what do you think? lol

See what I mean??..and I still want more Animal print shoes!! Let me introduce you to the ones I have now. :)

(above) The shoes I won!! amazing! beautiful! gorgeous! I am in love with them!!! Thank you!

(above) My leopard boots, which I have posted on here before. I bought from :) COMFORTABLE and SASSY ;)

(above) even my lazy day *wannabe uggs* are animal print! haha.. I got these from WALMART for $10!! I wear them almost everyday!

(above)Every girl needs a pair of flats right!? well I even have leopard print.Thanks to a friend of mine. They are a little worn out but those are usually the most comfortable shoes!

My JLO Leopard heels from Macys!! My very first animal print shoes! I loooove these. I will keep them until I am an ollld lady. Might even wear them then. haha.

What is your Newly found obsession????

1 comment:

  1. I love! I want those Leopard boots!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing! =)


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