Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What can I eat?

So today I am offically 12 weeks! (3 months) yay!! I do have to admit this whole "Can I eat this?" question is giving me a headache. I have looked online and asked on twitter about certain foods..I now have a list for my Doctor to look at.

This will be our first baby..so we would appreciate if any of you would give us some advice and leave me comments below :) Thank you!!

 Pregnancy Ticker

Ps. I will post more pictures soon


  1. Congratulations, I've just read your previous post and it is so lovely after trying for so long that you now have a little baby growing in your stomach, I have a 2 year old son and when I was pregnant I was told not to eat runny eggs, raw fish and liver x

  2. My doctor told me to eat all meat well done and deli meats had to be heated up to kill bacteria CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!

  3. so happy for you! one thing to avoid is lemons, i didnt know this when i was first pregnant but after my 3rd month my doctor informed me its very bad for the child gums

  4. Hi darling,
    I am sooo happy for you and your hubby!!! I know this comment is not food related but I wanted to suggest having a photoshoot when you are far along and you have a really big tummy. Maybe in black and white and after you can hang the pictures in your house as a reminder of this miracle!
    xoxo Sabine

  5. Congratulations! I just had my daughter On July 20th and let me just say I became obsessed with what I could and couldn't eat when I was pregnant. I was googling whatever I was gonna eat to see if it was safe or not and when my daughter was born she still had a couple of health issues. There's no way of telling whether it had to do with my eating habits but I personally think it did. She's doing real good now but I've had friends who were pregnant that never stayed away from any foods that were on the 'bad list' and they had perfectly healthy babies. The foods I was told to stay away from were deli meats, hot dogs, anything unpasteurized like certain cheeses and to stay away from left overs and a never ending list of other things. So girlie enjoy your pregnancy and don't stress over what and what not to eat. That alone can drive you crazy.


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