Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Prayer Answered

For those of you that know me, you know very well that my husband and I were trying and trying to to conceive.(have a little bun in the oven) It was really frustrating after awhile because I just couldn't get pregnant. Almost 2 years of trying and nothing. That is where the panic came in and the questions "can I have my own kid?"
"Is it me? or is it him?" "will I have to adopt?will I?" I stressed myself out and finally had to prepare myself for the worst. I prayed every night that one day I would have my own little one. My husband prayed as well. We both decided that I would go first to the Doctor. So I went and had an ultra sound and a week later they called and said I was fine, that everything was normal. So then my husband had that feeling of failure, because I was in the clear. I let him know no matter what I was here for him and would never leave him over something GOD did not want us to have. He planned on going to his appointment after our Maui trip.

In Maui, we put all our stress and worries behind us and enjoyed the beautiful island with my newly married sister and brother in law and my parents. I did notice everyday I would feel a little "not normal" I have an unusual menstrual cycle (sorry if that is TMI for some) so I thought maybe I was going to start out in maui. Also, certain foods were not too appealing to me and I would get full very quickly, but hungry an hour later. I rememeber laying by the pool and having the worst nauseous feeling out of nowhere and I thought it was because I was hungry , but nothing seemed to be good enough to get into my tummy.lol

It was after the vacation when we arrived at LAX and go into our car that I felt so sick. I had my husband put the windows down so I can get fresh air. I even had a plastic bag by me just in case. Again I thought it was because I was hungry and needed food. We got Mcdonalds and I felt better.

Two days later..(May 31st,2011)My husband made my favorite salad for lunch (wedge) and when I sat down ready to eat it, my whole stomach turned and I had this horrible nausea. We googled my symptoms and of course PREGNANT showed up. We didn't get excited because we have had so many pregnancy test that were negative that it wasn't fun and would always make us sad, but we bought one anyways.

I get home take the test..and I nearly burst into tears!! Two lines. I was PREGNANT!! My husband couldn't believe it either. We bought a very cheap test so we decided to go to the store again and by another test that was more pricey. We bought a box that had two test in and I took both and them and both said PREGNANT!! It happened! My prayers were answered and I feel fully blessed. :)

I am 11 weeks today. I still have awhile to go, but I cherish all these days, even though I get morning sickness.haha. So I think on my blog I will post some pictures once in awhile and some stories. Remember it's all in Gods hands,and not to worry. Once I stopped worrying and just prayed and learned to accept whatever will happen..the best thing ever happened.

Here are some pictures:
May 31st this picture was taken Below:

First ultrasound to determine how far along I am: ( 8 weeks 3 days )

9 weeks 5 days: (little kangaroo pouch) haha:

Almost 11 weeks: ( I think I am showing quickly) looks like I ate a lot here but this was early morning before breakfast. WOW ha:)


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  2. Aww congratulations so happy for youse xx

  3. That's so exciting! Congrats!!!!

  4. Definitely prayers answered! Congratulations to you both, you look adorable! Wanted to let you know when you are further along that I have Motherhood Maternity clothes in Size L at my online consignment store called octobermoonboutique.com! You should check it out momma!

  5. yay!!! congrats hun =) your goin to be the best mama xoxo cant wait for pregnancy vlogs and vids!!! congrats again!! xo

  6. Love stories like this! So happy for your new blessing. Mommyhood is going to be fun, especially mixed with how fabulous you already are :)

  7. OMG, Congrats! This is so crazy I found out I was pregnant on May 30, and am also due in January. I noticed in your "what to eat" post above you have The Bump ticker and badges. Do you participate in the January 2012 forum? If you do that would be so cool bc I do. I'm so excited for you, I've been watching you on YouTube for awhile and love your videos and advice. Hope you have a happy and healthy 9 months!

  8. This post literally gave me such a ray of hope. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years as well and have all but lost hope. It is so great to hear that God has a plan for everyone and maybe, just maybe, God will bless me with my own children soon! Good luck to you and your husband! Congratulations!
    <3 Edith


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