Monday, August 15, 2011

Peek a boo

Week 17 outfit of the day- Peek a boo! I hid the belly with this really cute flowy shirt. I was really comfortable throughout the day wearing this outfit. I didn't get to show my flip-flops which are from GUESS but if you check out my week 17 outfit of the day video you will get a close up of them and more of the outfit :)

As far as how I am feeling. I have been a little moody here and there..but will last for a good 1min that is all, and I am always hungry (Craving waffles!) and I find myself wanting to take a nap usually around 3 in the afternoon. My belly still looks as though I ate a dozen donuts daily, but I still smile when I look down and know my little baby is in there.

Top-Nordstrom Rack

x's and o's

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