Friday, October 28, 2011

Social Events

This last week has been so amazing. It was definitely a time for socializing. Being a Beauty/Fashion Vlogger has changed my life in many different ways. It has made me more confident,brave, and blessed. I have met so many different people all because of youtube. I have also been invited to events by companies as well as by friends. It's seriously a whole different world. I never would have thought sitting in front of a camera talking to myself would give me such wonderful opportunities and the blessings of meeting new people who have the same passion as me. So that being said I am excited to show you some pictures from my two events as well as the goodies we received! Reviews will be up after I use some of the products from the goodie bags as well. Anyone can go to the beautylish events if you sign up on The first event was held on OCT 22nd and OCT 23rd in Santa Monica and that was THE BEAUTY SOCIAL by , I have been to some of their other gatherings and this one was BEAUTIFUL!! SO GLAM!
I had so much fun with these beautiful ladies this day (OCT 23rd) , I took my mom with me on the 22nd but we didn't get good photos, we used our iphones that day haha.
(GOODIE BAG) Thank you so much Beautylish.
( I have only tried a couple of the items from the bag, if you have tried anything let me know what you think about it) Tuesday the 25th, I went to the B.F.V.A (BEAUTY AND FASHION VLOGGER'S ALLIANCE) .It was beautiful and held at the HOLLYWOOD MUSEUM. It was very inspiring and fun as well. I went with my lovely friends Sonia and Heart and met up with the other girls, so we had more bonding time, lots of laughs, and met new people. The only sad thing about this event was I was starving and they only had crab cakes, spicy tuna rolls and duck liver cotton candy. ( I know, the last one sounds disgusting LOL) but being pregnant I couldn't have any of that. Other than that we learned a lot and had a wonderful time!
Photos below were all taken by Frances Iacuzzi. She was such a fun photographer!
Now moving on to the goodie bag.. ( A lot of their products I never heard of, so again if you have tried any of these below feel free to let me know what you think of it )
(I have tried WEN conditioner before and love it, so I was excited to see this)
AMAZING WEEK! AMAZING FRIENDS! Don't ever be afraid to do what you love. x's and o's

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  1. Spin pins are great! Love dior lipsticks, Burts bees products i love, especially that pomegrante chapstick, and the fresh sugar lip treatment is amazing- my lips tend to dry out in the winter and this will make them baby soft again. Sheer Cover Blah! China glaze nail polishes are nice too. (cute color) Lucky!!!IS that sugar pill eyeshadow? Love.


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