Monday, November 28, 2011

Hart Of Dixie

I have become obsessed with the new show called Hart of dixie. The only reason I was curious to watch it at first was only because I love Rachel Bilson and to have her as a main character...that really made me want to watch! So I tuned into the CW and watched the first episode and was immediately hooked! It has such a beautiful story and is still funny and inspiring. I recommmend you give it a shot if you haven't yet. Like I said before Rachel Bilson was the first reason why I watched, she is so beautiful and an amazing actress, and in the show her outfits,hair and makeup are beautiful. So the last episode I watched I was motiviated to create a makeup look of hers and if you do watch you will see she has pretty simple everyday makeup which is what most of us want to create on ourselves. Using the basic browns,nudes,grays..etc. , Well I hope you all enjoy my tutorial on how I was inspired by her character! :) xo

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